14 Mar 2023

OpenAI GPT-4 Release Dev Livestream Summary

OpenAI GPT-4 Release Dev Livestream Summary had several live demos one after the other. Here is a summary of the main segments of the livestream (generated using AI :-))

Quick Live comparison with GPT-3.5

Provide the GPT-4 blog post released hours ago as the input.

Task: Summarize this article into a sentence where every word begins with G:


Response to Discord user’s real-time input: Try with Q instead of G :


Flexibly combine ideas between different articles.

Greg pasted the contents of the following two web pages into the same conversation:

  • GPT-4 blog post: https://openai.com/research/gpt-4

  • Hacker news post yesterday on Pynecone: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35136827

and asked GPT-4 to find one common theme between the GPT-4 blog post and the hacker news post. image-20230314144519337

Build with GPT-4

  • System prompt:

    You are an AI Programming assistant.
    - Follow the user's requirements carefully & to the letter.
    - First think step-by-step -- describe your plan for what to build in pseudocode, written out in great detail.
    - Then output the code in a single code block.
    - Minimize any other prose
  • User Prompt:

    • Pasted documentation + (see image below for task prompt )
  • Create a Discord bot that accepts messages container text and images!

  • image-20230314152225896

    • Write pseudocode\design-doc and then implement :D

    • GPT-4 training data was cutoff in Sept 2021

      • It has not seen GPT-4’s blog post or know about image tokens
      • Just by providing a summary of the blog post, it knows to produce output based on the new output spec

      Errors and follow-up to fix errors

      1. Discord API version mismatch:
      • image-20230314155938645
    • Paste error as a follow-up and produces fixes

    • image-20230314160044572

      1. Asyncio within Jupyter environment


    • Even though Greg had a typo (juptyer instead of jupyter), GPT-4 understood the runtime environment and produced the updated code with the fix (!pip install nest_asyncio): image-20230314160443187
  • Discord bot in action

  • image-20230314160640826

  • GPT-4’s response:

  • image-20230314160828134

  • Second Bot interaction:

  • image-20230314160931451

  • Discord bot written by ChatGPT can read msg on discord chat, including images, generate and write messages

  • Parse through unformatted docs (copy-pasted) with 10,000-15,000 words to find relevant details in the Note section that describes the changes to version 2.0 made in September 2022:


Rough hand-drawn mock-up to Website front-end code

  • Screenshot of hand drawn sketch of a webpage mockup provided to GPT-4 to generate HTML, JS webpage


    Input to the GPT-4 powered Discord bot:


  • Generated code:

  • image-20230314163522156

  • Output of the generated HTML + Javascript code: image-20230314163702969


  • Work with the system to accomplish a task: Do Taxes!

    • TaxGPT

    • Not equipped with a calculator!


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