1 Jan 2023

The Beginning of the Generative AI Revolution for the Human Evolution

2023: The Beginning of the Generative AI revolution for Human Evolution

2023 is going to be an exciting year due to the expected advancements in AI that create tangible value to humanity. This marks the beginning of the: • Improved Access to most impactful information through advanced search (like Bing GPT) • Increased connection with humans through XR VR beyond 2D remote • Increased productivity through AI assistants * Accelerated memetic evolution

Generative AI for text, image, audio, video generation and creation using natural language and natural user interfaces is here and will continue to improve much faster than anticipated by many in the coming years. Very capable models for generating text (GPT3+, etc.) images (StableDiffusion2+, DALL-E 2), audio (AudioLM), and video (Imagen, makeavideo) in their early stages will be available and accessible by common people in 2023 and beyond. These models will be able to generate text, images, audio, and video that are indistinguishable from human text, images, audio, and video. This will enable the creation of a new generation of AI assistants that can help us with our daily tasks and improve our productivity.

These highly-capable AI models can take the collective knowledge that the humans have accumulated over the years and make it available to everyone on-demand. We humans no more have to mistake memory for intelligence. We no more have to spend our time and energy to seek or learn what has already been sought and learned. We can start to truly leverage the learnings of the entire humankind that lived before us. We can focus on evolving our intelligence and creativity beyond our current capabilities and accelerate the evolution as a species.

I am looking forward to this exciting future and the opportunities to help and create value for the world. Good optimism to begin the year. Happy new year 2023!


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