15 Jan 2022

Outer space energy generation, compute and cold data storage

Outer space energy generation, compute clusters, cold-data storage


Generate electricity on moons and/or other planets to reduce resource exploitation and fossil fuel emissions on earth to meet human needs of the present and the future. Utilize the generated electricity to:

  • Power space exploration vehicles
  • Satellites and other man-made space orbitting objects
  • Run large-scale computing workloads (like protein folding/synthesis) or store/preserve zeta-bytes of digital data generated on earth in data centers.
  • Run quantum computers
    • Requires extreme/low, regulated temperatures)
    • Need to avoid radiations like Gamma
    • QTSPACE initiative
  • Beam it back to earth to solve energy crisis!


Clean energy generation using nuclear fusion/fission is a possibility in outer space while prohibitive on earth

  • E.g.: Use the non-radio-active helium3, available on the moon to genearte nuclear energy.


  • Use a combination of teleoperation, robotics and autonomous systems to operate the power plants to generate energy including nuclear fusion/fission


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