11 Mar 2023

Technologies and tools for building products with immersive, 3D experiences

Generative AI Tech Stack

3D content generation technologies, tools, and frameworks

  Technology/Tool/Framework Brief Description Use Cases Key Advantage
3D Asset Creation, Modeling, Animation Blender Open-source 3D creation software Asset creation, 3D modeling and animation, rendering Advanced toolset, extensive community
AI/ML Models        
  NeRFs NeRFs (Neural Radiance Fields) 3D reconstruction of objects and scenery from images Accurate and detailed 3D modeling
  DALL-E, StableDiffusion Image Generators (Text/Image2Image) Texture Generation, Image Generation  
  Imagen, Meta MakeAVideo, SimSwap, SD Video Generators (Text/Image/Video2Video)    
  DeepSDF Mesh Generators (Text/Image/Video2Mesh/3DObject) Creating custom 3D models for games or movies Generating 3D models from text, image or video prompts
  PointGrow Text2Pointcloud 3D representations of objects or scenes Generating 3D point clouds from text, image or video prompts
Data Structure/Format/Interface        
  ONNX Models Open Neural Network Exchange Models Machine learning models for image, speech, and language processing Interoperability between different neural network frameworks
  USD Universal Scene Description 3D asset exchange format Enables collaboration, accelerates 3D projects
  glTF GL Transmission Format Efficient 3D asset delivery format Lightweight, supports PBR materials
3D UI, Rendering, Visualization        
  three.js JavaScript 3D library 3D visualization, 3D UI development Cross-browser compatibility, large community
  react-three-fiber React bindings for three.js Building 3D content using React Familiar React development experience
  Babylon.js JavaScript 3D engine Building 3D games and immersive experiences Cross-platform support, physics engine included
  WASM WebAssembly Portable binary code format for web applications High-performance code execution, cross-language compatibility
  WebGPU Web Graphics and Compute API Low-level graphics and compute API for the web High-performance, access to GPU features
  WebGL Web Graphics Library Rendering 2D and 3D graphics in a web browser Hardware-accelerated rendering, no plugins required
Experience/XR toolkit/platforms        
  ARCore Augmented Reality SDK for Android Augmented reality app development Advanced motion tracking, environmental understanding
  ARKit Augmented Reality SDK for iOS Augmented reality app development Face tracking, gesture recognition
  Unity Unity Game Engine    
  Unreal Engine Unreal Game Engine    

Existing startups/companies addressing this space

Category Startup/Company Description
3D Asset Creation Tools    
  Sketchfab 3D model publishing and discovery platform
  TurboSquid Marketplace for buying and selling 3D models
  Artomatix AI-powered 3D texture creation software
  Unscreen AI-powered video background removal tool
AI/ML Deployment    
  Algorithmia Platform for deploying and managing AI/ML models
  Seldon Open-source platform for deploying and monitoring machine learning models
  Paperspace Cloud-based platform for machine learning and AI development
3D Scene Reconstruction    
  Matterport Platform for creating 3D models of physical spaces
  Meshroom Open-source 3D reconstruction software
  Photogrammetry.ai AI-powered 3D scanning software
3D Rendering on the Web    
  Sketchfab 3D model publishing and discovery platform
  PlayCanvas Web-based game engine and development platform
  Threekit Cloud-based platform for creating and visualizing 3D product configurations
  Verge3D WebGL toolkit for creating interactive 3D web experiences
Augmented Reality (AR) Platforms    
  Niantic Developer of Pokemon Go and other AR games
  Zappar AR platform for creating interactive content and experiences
  8th Wall AR development platform for web and mobile applications


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